The problems of a dry vagina.

Some women experience a problem with vaginal dryness. Most of the time it is down to hormonal issues and problems such as the menopause or even the Pill. It is not a topic which is discussed in general, but the girls at London escorts know that it is how interest to a lot of ladies. The issue is simple – what can you do if you suffer from a dry vagina? After all, as the girls at cheap escorts in London know, the condition can make sex very painful and even uncomfortable.

A lot of the girls at cheap escorts in London are into supplements. Taking supplements is one of the ways you can deal with a dry vagina. One of the most popular supplements with the sexy girls at cheap escorts in London is sage. This is based on the common garden herb sage and is one of the safest herbal preparation for ladies. What London escorts like about sage, is simply that they can take sage in combination with the Pill. Unlike many other supplements, it is not going to upset the way the Pill works at all.

There are other solutions which you can turn to if you do not want to take an herbal supplement. All London escorts like to keep their energy levels up, and one of the best ways to do so is to add a multi-spread vitamin B supplement to your diet. Not only will it help to balance your endocrine system, but at the same time, it will also boost your energy levels as it contains the right combination of B vitamins to affect the mitochondria of the cell. At cheap escorts in London, it is one of the favourite supplements that the girls use.

What about lubricants? The downside with lubricants is that they can be messy. Also, many lubricants may contain extra estrogen. That can lead to other health problems, and you need to be careful with what kind of lubricant that you use. The girls at London escorts swear by their baby oil. No matter what the occasion, baby oil is the go-to lubricant for any occasion and they love it. Don’t worry about getting a scented baby oil. Good old fashioned Johnsons baby oil will simply work wonders for you. It is cheap, easy to use and can be purchased almost anywhere. However, if you are into anal sex, you may want to look for other lubricant solutions.

Where should you buy your lubricants and supplements? These days it is all into to buy lubricants and other products online. However, you should ignore your local health food store at your peril. One of the girls at London escorts has told this publication that she finds that her local health food store offers some great deals on both lubricants and supplements. On top of that, you can get some great advice. She finds that is more than important when she invests in specialist supplements for some of her gentlemen who may find themselves a little bit challenged when it all comes down to it.

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